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Why Buy Hand Sanitizer in Bulk From DKG?

In uncertain times, you need quality protection, significant results and a little bit of care. At DKG Hand Sanitizers, we understand this pressing need, which is why we have high-quality hand sanitizers ready for delivery – nation-wide!

Created by esteemed dermatologists Dr. Mitchell Kline and Dr. Jeremy Green, this proprietary formula kills 99% of germs while nourishing your hands, providing you with instant protection and care.

As established hand sanitizer wholesale suppliers, we make it easy and affordable to buy hand sanitizer in bulk. Whether you want to shield your employees from outbreaks or wish to protect your family, we can deliver our products right to your front door.

Enjoy a high-quality product that guarantees your protection, softens your skin and saves you money. Buy wholesale hand sanitizer from us today!

Kills 99% of

Simply squeeze a small amount of sanitizer in your hands and rub until dry to kill 99% of most common germs. You'll also refresh your hands with its nourishing formula.

Dermatologist Tested & Approved

DGK Hand Sanitizer is tested and approved by world-recognized dermatologists Drs. Mitchell Kline and Jeremy B. Green. You'll be receiving the finest hand sanitizers in North America.

Manufactured in FDA Facility

Our proprietary formula is manufactured in an FDA Approved Facility, resulting in products manufactured to the industry's highest standards.

Highest Quality Ingredients

All our product ingredients are sourced from the United States, guaranteeing quality assurance and control for our customers.

High-Level Efficiency

Our manufacturing systems' efficiency has allowed us to reduce inventory replenishment times while producing up to 1 million units of hand sanitizer per week.

Compliant with FDA Measures

We are proud that our product manufacturing adheres to the FDA's Good Manufacturing Practices, thereby producing hand sanitizers that follow FDA Guidelines and Protocols.

What Makes Our Proprietary Formula Stand Out?

Dr. Mitchell Kline and Dr. Jeremy Green are widely recognized as two of the most admired and trusted dermatologists in the world. Their drive for service and commitment to quality are what drove them to develop a proprietary formula that delivers results.

Mitchell A. Kline, MD, FAAD.

Mitchell Kline, MD, is the principal clinician and board-certified dermatologist at Kline Dermatology, where he specializes in melanoma research, diagnosis and treatment as well as state-of-the-art aesthetic procedures. He is a leader and expert in the field of dermatology.

Jeremy B. Green, MD

Jeremy B. Green, MD, is a fellowship-trained, board-certified Miami cosmetic dermatologist who graduated Cum Laude with a bachelor’s degree from Princeton University. Dr. Green doesn’t just practice dermatological medicine, he actively researches and puts effort into both teaching and learning.

Proudly Made in The USA


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Wholesale Suppliers

Buying hand sanitizer bottles in bulk from standard over-the-counter brands can leave skin dry and cracked, as well as being overly expensive.

DGK Hand Sanitizers, on the other hand, were created by leading dermatologists with expertise in skincare. Its proprietary formula acts as a layer of protection, a destroyer of bacteria and a skincare agent that nourishes the skin.

Superior quality and affordable pricing mean that you have access to large quantities of hand sanitizer at all times. You will be able to refill your bottles as often as you like, ensuring around-the-clock protection for your family, friends and employees.

By adhering to FDA requirements in both manufacturing and ingredients, our products are designed to the industry’s highest standards, making us the hand sanitizer wholesale supplier of choice.

FAQs: Hand Sanitizers

You only need a small drop of DKG Hand Sanitizer, roughly the size of a quarter, for it to be effective. Rub your hands together for about 15-30 seconds or until your hands feel dry.

Indeed, we can. As hand sanitizer wholesale suppliers, we can send our products throughout the United States and even Canada in some cases. 

If you use high amounts of hand sanitizer or run a workplace, it is ideal to buy hand sanitizer in bulk. You will then have access to plenty of products while saving hundreds of dollars. 

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